Maharashtra Special Tea

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MTS has been a staple tea brand in Pune from 1993. MTS tea leaves are hand-picked from the best tea gardens across North India. MTS tea is known for having a unique taste and distinguished aroma in their tea. Enjoy its royal taste, whenever you decide to make yourself a hot cup of Maharashtra Special Tea.

Key Features
- Quality hops
- MTS Tea leaves are collected from the best tea fields in North-Eastern India and we take every process care to keep the taste unique so that your morning is ensured with the best fragrance and classic aroma.
- Fusion flavours Understanding the taste chemistry, we have developed various flavours that are immensely enjoyed by our numerous customers.
- Unique taste
- MTS is known for its unique taste and distinguished aroma and for decades, we have maintained it.
- We see the success of these flavour fusions in the smiles of satisfied customers.

About the Brand
MTS are proud to be an integral part of Punekars life as MTS make their every morning refreshing. MTS since 1933 are serving the best tea leaves to this choicest city. With changing times, growing markets and Pune’s love, They have grown exponentially with flavours and fragrances. Now have MTS Tea with trendy packaging with the same assured quality and taste. Their approach of good morning Pune is extending and now MTS Tea is available across various cities in Maharashtra.